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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Google: Don't Be Evil

As I'm sure many have heard by now the much acclaimed tech company, Google, has agreed to censor search results through it's famous search engine in exchange for greater access to the Chinese market. Terms including Tibet, Dalai Lama, Human Rights, and Democracy among others will be blocked by the company working in conjunction with the Chinese government. Google is just one more high tech company to cave in to the demands of the Chinese government and assist in the repression of the Chinese people as well as ethnic minorities such as the Tibetans. However, for a company that prides itself on it's mission of spreading access to information, and whose company motto is, "Don't Be Evil" this is the height of hypocrisy.

So, it's time to tell Google what we think of it's collaboration with Chinese censorship and repression, and suggest that maybe a new slogan is in order. SFT has been working hard over the past week to develop materials around this new campaign. One is the jammed logo above, which people should disseminate widely.

Second, click here to send a message directly to Google's founders and CEO.

Third, SFT is making a date with Google for February 14th to let them know that they've broken our hearts. Visit to:

Finally, so we don't look like spiteful ex's, click here to give Microsoft, Yahoo, and Cisco a piece of your mind.

You can also keep up-to-date on this campaign at the SFT Blog - Tibet Will Be Free

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tenzin Delek Rinpoche Day of Action

Today, January 26th, marks the three year anniversary of Lobsang Dhondup's execution by Chinese authorities. This is also the three year anniversary of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche's death sentence being upheld by a Chinese court. Both men were wrongfully convicted by the Chinese government in connection with a serious of bombings in Eastern Tibet. International outcry over the secrecy of the first trial led the Chinese government to conduct a second "public" trial, which was again conducted in secret without any international monitoring. It was after this second trial that Lobsang Dhondup was executed and Tenzin Delek's death sentence was upheld. Independent reports by human rights organizations have shown no link between Tenzin Delek and the bombings, and the Chinese government has provided no credible evidence linking him to the bombings.

After a large and successful international campaign Tenzin Delek's death sentence was commuted to life in prison last year - but the fight is not over. Today we remind the Chinese government that an innocent man was killed, and another innocent man sits in jail, so that they can continue the illegal occupation of Tibet. We also remind them that we will not allow these injustices to stand, and our outrage will continue until justice is done.

To find out what you can do for TDR day of action click here

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SFT Midwest Blog Fully Functional (in Mozilla)

Everything is finally up and running on the blog, well, almost. If you are browsing with the Mozilla Firefox browser everything should be good to go. Unfortuanetly, I just checked the blog with Internet Explorer for the first time, and I've got some layout issues to solve. I'll be working on those over the next couple of weeks, so for those of you using IE, hopefully I'll have the kinks worked out soon. Fortuanetly, the layout problems don't affect the postings or comments only the header and description, so you can still read the blog to see what is happening.

If anyone is running a browser other than Firefox or Internet Explorer and you are experiencing any problems email me at, and let me know what problems you are having.

Here are the updates you will find.

1.)We now have RSS and ATOM feeds available. If you use the XML button on the sidebar it will take you to our feeburner content feed which should be both RSS and ATOM compatible.

2.) There is now a newsletter available. By clicking on the Subscribe to our newsletter button, you will have the option of recieving the content from the blog in a daily, weekly, or montly dispatch. This is a great way to stay informed about what is happening in the Midwest, so I encourage people to sign up for the newsletter on whatever basis you feel comfortable with.

3.) The blog is now ready for public use, so chapters should choose someone to be the designated blogger for you chapter and then email me at, and I will help that person get setup so that they can post the news about your chapter to the blog.

More info about the coming semester will be available soon.


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